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The immediate cause of all the mischief of misrule is, that the men and women acting as the representatives of the people have a private and sinister interest, producing a constant sacrifice of the interest of the people. William Leggett

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Letter to UC Colorado re Ward Churchill

Dear Chancellor DiStefano:

I take issue with your recommendation to fire Prof. Ward Churchill over his stupid article on 9/11 equating the victims to Adolph Eichmann. While I find Prof. Churchill's article to be monstruously offensive and outrageous--and consider Prof. Churchill to be an infantile boob--I find that your well-intentioned attempt to fire Prof. Churchill, however justified, to be improper.

The real issue here is one of academic freedom. However unpopular a view may be, we ought not to silence it through implicit censorship--the remedy for Prof. Churchill's malady of cranial rectitis is too dangerous a cure.Through his article, Prof. Churchill made a fool of himself before the nation and is the laughingstock of every thinking American. That is sufficient. To fire him over the article is to make him a martyr over First Amendment rights; not good.I urge you to reconsider your position.

Very truly yours,

Gonzalo Vergara


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