Equal Rights Party (Loco-Focos)

The immediate cause of all the mischief of misrule is, that the men and women acting as the representatives of the people have a private and sinister interest, producing a constant sacrifice of the interest of the people. William Leggett

Location: United States

In my damned beloved universe I would like to be a lonely weed, but not a delicate Narcissus kissing his own mug in the mirror. I would like to be any of God’s creatures right down to the last mangy hyena--but never a tyrant or even the cat of a tyrant. I would not like to be in the elite, nor, of course, in the cowardly herd, nor be a guard dog of that herd, nor a shepherd, sheltered by that herd. And I would like happiness, but not at the expense of the unhappy, and I would like freedom, but not at the expense of the unfree. Yevgenii Yevtushenko

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Draft Platform of Equal Rights Party

True functions of good government

- Protect safety and property of the People

Equal rights for all persons regardless of circumstances and socio-economic status

- Free choice. It is not government’s business to tell people how they ought to live behind their closed doors

End electoral monarchies. Remove all "representatives" from political office

- Term limits for "representatives" and other "public servants"

Abolish all laws that do not protect the safety and property of peoples, excepting those laws necessary to advance commercial enterprises

No more wars except for self-defense

- No wars for oil and other business reasons/business interests

- Bring US military forces back to the United States

End unfettered regulation

Protect peoples’ right to labor—no more exportation of jobs to foreign nations

All grants of monopolies, or exclusive or partial privileges to any person, or body of persons, impairs the equal rights of the people, and is in direct violation of the first principle of a free government

I do not consider myself an oracle of truth. The Equal Rights Party encourages everyone's views and inputs; everyone has an equal voice. Gonzalo Vergara


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